Eliot Khuner Photograpy - Capturing Your Memories


Looking At Studio Portraits

The photographer creates the light, the mood, in fact the photographer creates the entire photograph, from corner to corner. The studio is, for the portrait subject, an unnatural location. The designer of the image is bounded only by imagination and skill.

Taking Environmental Portraits

You may feel more comfortable in your home, or at a favorite location. Is the photograph about you in and relating to the environment, or is the garden, beach, home just a location for the photo? Does the location tell us aobut who you are and how you feel? If you want an environmental portrait, ask yourself what you want the picture to tell us about you.


A few months after her father, jazz photographer Jerry Stoll died, Gina came into the studio for a portrait.

Gina Guy Yossi Duana highshot Jeremy Shyam Ruth Bernhard Brrr